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Australia's First CoolSculpting Clinic

Dr Daniel Fleming at The Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Australia in Brisbane was the first doctor to use the revolutionary CoolSculpting system in Australia. The CoolSculpting™ system by Zeltiq is a breakthrough that removes localised bulges without the need for any injections or surgery. It was developed by the same researchers who discovered laser hair removal. CoolSculpting uses nothing else but precisely controlled cooling. It refines your shape and contours your mid rift with non-surgical walk-in, walk-out treatments .

If you have a healthy eating plan and exercise, and still struggle to lose “love handles” and stubborn bulges, but you don’t want to undergo the pain of a surgical removal treatment then CoolSculpting could be for you. Click here to contact a CoolSculpting Brisbane clinic to find out if you are suitable for CoolSculpting.


Setember 2010

The First CoolSculpting Treatment in Australia has been performed here at The Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Australia...

See Dr Daniel Fleming discussing CoolSculpting on Today Tonight:

CoolSculpting "Frozen Fat Cells" Story on Today Tonight


The initial CoolSculpting research and patents were developed by the same researchers who discovered laser hair removal and fractional laser.

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